The Bavelloni solution to produce staircases and kitchen tops: 46° chamfering for the perfect coupling of the slabs by gluing.

Wheel Configuration

configurazione1 configurazione2 configurazione3

Three models

VE 350 4ST is equipped with four spindles with cup wheels: the first spindle performs the edge grinding; the other three have a fixed 46° inclination for high speed raw chamfering. VE 350 4S ST is fitted with four spindles with cup wheels featuring a fixed 46° inclination for high speed raw chamfering.
VE 350 5 ST is provided with five spindles with diamond wheels: the first two spindles perform the edge grinding; the other three have a fixed 46° inclination for high speed raw chamfering.

Bavelloni Tools

The perfect combination of machine and tools thanks to the synergies developed with the Bavelloni Tools Division specialists.

User-friendly and versatile

They permit processing of strips with a minimum height of 30 mm on thicknesses up to 10 mm and also of large slabs up to 20 mm thickness. The vertical positioning of the slab does not require any adjustment according to its dimensions but just the input of the material thickness in the control panel.

Heavy loads

The advanced structure sizing using the latest Finite Element Method (FEM) systems allows loading and processing of large sheets up to 350 kg per linear meter.

Quality grinding

The Bavelloni patented conveyor without ball bearings and the spindles separated from the electric motor by a transmission belt guarantee vibration-free operation and precise grinding.



Bavelloni straight-line edging machines are known for their reliability, constant over time. The maintenance free conveyor, the permanently lubricated spindles, the individually replaceable rubber pads of the inlet and outlet chains, the centralized lubrication are common features of all VE models.


The touch screen control is easy to use, flexible and functional.

Multi-function spindles for back arris processing

They allow 46° chamfering, standard back arris processing on straight edge with arrises (raw or polished) and also to stop the arris processing to measure, indicating the distance in the control panel (for kitchen tops with peninsula on one side).

Automatic handling

A wide range of customizable solutions for the automatic loading by robots.

Jumbo mode

The separated inlet arm motorization on the VE 500 V ST Series permits safe loading of a large slab while the machine is working. All models can be equipped with extended racks and arms for edging big slabs in complete safety.