Bavelloni offers complete lines for the production of the prismatic rear-view mirrors for the automotive industry. The experience gained working with the main companies in this field has contributed to increase Bavelloni know-how required to manufacture complete plants, from cutting to bevelling and edging rear-view mirrors.

Featuring extremely high-level precision and reliability, PRISMA line equipment can guarantee annual productions of millions of pieces.

Absolute quality of the bevel

Prisma 75 is a bevelling line especially designed for processing big size bevels (up to 75 mm) with excellent optical quality. The line is equipped with 9 diamond wheels and 9 felts for cerium oxide polishing. It is ideal for the typical intensive production rates in the automotive glass field.

Configurable solutions

In addition to the bevelling line, Bavelloni can provide accessory machines and advice to create full production departments complete with cutting, edging and washing equipment.

Quality First

Bavelloni’s patented conveyor, equipped with pads in cast-iron without the use of ball bearings, producing very high precision that is an essential element in bevel processing. The spindles are separated from the electrical motor by transmission belt eliminating vibrations and giving excellent grinding quality.

Minimized maintenance costs

Bavelloni bevellers have always been recognized for their reliability, minimized maintenance and long lifetime. The maintenance free conveyor, the centralized lubrication system, the inlet and outlet arms equipped with rubber pads that can be individually replaced are common features of all VB models.


The touch screen control panels of Bavelloni bevelling machines offer user-friendliness, flexibility and functionality. They can automatically perform calculations, report errors and prevent operation with incorrect parameters. The design of the work to be performed is displayed. Up to 99 different work configurations can be memorized; simple, double and triple bevels can be automatically set. The control panels offer an extremely precise digital visualization of the spindles absorption for perfect control of the machine.

Exclusive solutions

Bavelloni designed a unique device with extendable pads automatically activated by the control system for bevelling very small glass pieces.

Bavelloni know-how in the automotive field

Bavelloni bevellers are the result of the experience gained working with the biggest rear-view mirror producers in the automotive field, where quality is the key element. Every year, millions of rear-view mirrors are produced using Bavelloni bevelling lines.